Magiclands Ranch Cotons


Breeding Standard-

We are Code of Ethics breeders. We follow strict standards in our breeding program. Before they can become parents, our dogs go through extensive health testing. Health and temperament are of paramount importance Every dog we breed is registered with the oldest Coton De Tulear registry in the United States. 

Why We Breed-

How We Breed-

Our goal is to provide people with loving, healthy, adorable companions!

Our parents are specially selected and health tested Madagascar Cotons-

They have lineage that goes back to Madagascar where Cotons have been loved and admired for hundreds of years.

Unlike many breeders, we do NOT line breed (inbreed) nor do we overbreed.

We belong to the oldest, most respected and Coton de Tulear breed club in the country.

Our Cotons have brought so much joy into our lives that we wanted to share that with other people. We love receiving letters, phone calls and photos from our puppies’ families letting us know that they too have experienced the happiness that is unique to Cotons.